Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning solutions :-
Streamline business processes across departments
Is your company as productive as it should be? Are your business processes efficient and collaborative? Can people from different departments easily access critical information across the enterprise? An ERP solution from Saams provides a roadmap, based on best industry processes, integrating your data for a single view of customer information, inventory levels, shipping details and more. Cut down on the paperwork. Automate processes. And work collaboratively-from your financial department to human resources and customer service.

ERP solutions from Saams can enable you to :-

  • Integrate financial information, equipping decision makers with the data they need to make the right call on business investments.
  • Incorporate customer information so you can easily track order status and simultaneously coordinate manufacturing, inventory and shipping across different locations.
  • Standardize and automate manufacturing processes to increase productivity while decreasing unnecessary inventory holding.
  • Unify human resource information and enable corporate information sharing across a single platform.

Begin your ERP implementation with confidence when you are backed by Saams. We work with leading companies around the world

such as Oracle, SAP, Infor, and Lawson Software to deliver end-to-end, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the

unique needs of each industry. Our experience and methodology include strategy, planning, infrastructure and technical

ERP solutions
Enterprise resource planning from Saams and SAP

Are you prepared for escalated customer expectations and increased industry complexity? Saams and SAP can help you avoid

concerns of lower profit margins and higher employee churn. Regain control of your enterprise, increasing efficiency and

Saams and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions

Saams and Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offer businesses a complete suite of modular, pre-integrated industry-specific

business applications designed for rapid deployment and ease of administration.
Saams and JD Edwards World solutions

Oracle's JD Edwards World, built for the Saams System i™ platform, provides a reliable, highly functioning, Web-based

environment for management of plants, inventories, equipment, finances and people.
Saams and Oracle E-Business Suite solutions

Saams and Oracle E-Business Suite offer a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of applications capable of automating

virtually any function of your daily business processes.
Saams and PeopleSoft Enterprise solutions

Saams and Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise applications are designed for the most complex business requirements. They provide

Web services integration with multivendor and homegrown applications and can be easily configured and adapted to meet your

most unique customer requirements.

Solutions to help you maximize the return on value of your enterprise information.

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